act:on | Tiago Manquinho

Premiere: 22.09.2022

Conception: Tiago Manquinho
Choreography: Tiago Manquinho in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Bruno Duarte, Lúcia Salgueiro, Luís Malaquias, Mariana Romão, Miguel Pinheiro, Raquel Tavares and Vitor Afonso
Light design: Hugo Franco and Paulo Santos - Stageplot
Costumes and music production: Tiago Manquinho
Rehearsal director: Maria João Lopes

From a European perspective, much of what was once taken for granted is no longer perceived as such. The perennial specter of war has drawn closer to us. The pandemic has starkly revealed our vulnerability, both as individuals and as a society. Climate change, undeniable in its impact, looms large. We endeavor to uphold our moral values, cognizant of their fragility.

Like fallen angels, we find ourselves thrust into a reality long ignored or shielded from. We experience exposure and vulnerability, sensing the ground beneath us giving way. Our trust is shattered.

Can we discover a new sense of security in an era where religious answers prove insufficient? As various elites struggle to regain confidence, can we rebuild trust that bolsters our social and ethical values? What social structures and interpersonal connections serve as the connective tissue that truly binds us? Where can I find a hand not to lead, but to walk alongside me?Fallen angels may lose the grace and protection of their God. Yet, amidst vulnerability, pain, and sorrow, they also unearth belonging, pleasure, and love.


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Photos: Hugo David

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