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act:on is a project that includes a dance ensemble and a wide range of socio-cultural projects. A platform where artists can collaborate both in the context of dance productions and in community projects.

act:on promotes social justice and equal opportunities - not only on stage. Addresses diversity, society, inclusion, empowerment and transformation.

act:on strives to confront and address discrimination and exploitation in working processes. Questioning privileges and the status quo. In search of alternatives!

act:on was initiated by choreographer Tiago Manquinho out of a need to integrate the socially relevant issues present in his stage works into the working process and relationship with the audience. As an informal structure for artistic exchange through dance and as a supportive framework for a stronger presence of dance in society. 

act:on aims to place dance and art bridging the gap to the community and to contribute to a progressive development of coexistence and social structures through awareness raising and dialogue.



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