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In the context of various intergenerational community dance projects, Tiago Manquinho has worked several times with young people with and without disabilities, adults, the long-term unemployed, refugees, people with a migration background, and delinquent youth.

The interaction with members of the different communities is an important aspect of Tiago Manquinho's artistic work. The close exchange and confrontation with other realities and perspectives brings strong impulses for further looking. One is constantly entering other creative spaces and questioning one's aesthetic values.

With a clear focus on creative exchange and the artistic process, community dance projects have a positive impact on various behavioral aspects of the participants. Acceptance, tolerance, integration, improved social skills, and mental and physical health are favored. This is increasingly recognized by educational, social and health care institutions.

The value of artistic exchange for art's sake is a central aspect in this exchange. Therefore, Manquinho always places a strong focus on the artistic outcome. Aware that the quality of the result always depends on the creative process, Manquinho works in a very collaborative method with all the actors involved. Not only with the participants, but as early as the conception phase, an intensive exchange with local partners is cultivated. 

In addition to his extensive experience at Theater Bielefeld with the "Zeitsprung" projects, he also created several works for Staatstheater Braunschweig and Staatstheater Karlsruhe.
In 2019 and 2020, he was artistic director of the community dance project "tanzwärts!" at Theater Hameln.


Alles Tanzt! halbstark

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