act:on | Tiago Manquinho

Premiere: 29.06.12 - Stadtheater Bielefeld


Choreography: Tiago Manquinho and Simon Wiersma
Video and music editing: Tiago Manquinho
Dance: Simon Wiersma


In their video dance piece, Tiago Manquinho and Simon Wiersma question our perception of reality. Our emotional life does not always coincide with our external self-portrayal. This dance piece is a journey through inner vastness that can change our physicality. Feelings and outer attitude influence each other. But what is external perception and what is an inner state?


"Tiago Manquinho and Simon Wiersma explore the question of our perceptions of reality in their video-supported piece "Nomis". This performance is clothed in a sensual journey through inner and outer worlds that exist simultaneously (video and live), sometimes mirror-inverted and become one at the end".

Uta Jostwerner, Westfalen Blatt


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Fotos: Philipp Ottendörfer

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